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The House
The Studio
Daubigny's friends, among them Corot and Daumier, suggested that this Studio House be decorated. 

Corot decided to decorate the entrance (making 5 paintings now scattered around the world) then he designed the Studio decoration (today these design sketches are found in the collection of the Museum of Baltimore). 

In their idle moments, mainly the rainy days when it was not possible to go outside to paint, Daubigny and their friends worked on the decoration inside the studio. They reproduced the drawings designed by Corot on not less than 100m² of canvas glued on the walls. Oudinot, the architect, but also an occasional painter, designed the wooden sculptured fireplace and overdoors. 

Not less than 10 years were required for this gifted team to complete the decoration of the studio. 

Charles-François' children, Cécile and Karl, were also involved in this group effort. Karl painted the upper sides of the room and also contributed the 350 motifs of the friezes, which he did freehand!

The Studio
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