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Exhibition: Van Gogh and Daubigny
Extended till end of April 2024
In 2023 we left our series of Daumier's lithographs exhibitions, and we presented an exhibition in line with this year's cultural season theme at Auvers at this time: "The 70 days of Vincent in Auvers".
This exhibition is extended till end of April.

We started from the main element which linked Vincent Van Gogh to the Daubigny's family, I mean a painting Vincent was naming as "One of my most desired canvas". I'm talking about "Le Jardin de Daubigny", that Vincent wanted to give to Charles François Daubigny's widow. This is the garden of Daubigny's house, close to the station, where Marie Sophie was living.

This exhibition is not only a matter of showing a print of this painting, and the corresponding letters. It shows how Vincent was mentioning Daubigny in his extensive correspondence he mainly had with his brother, Theo, and with his friends. We are exhibiting works from Daubigny Vincent talked about, as well as quotations from Van Gogh related to Daubigny and we are telling few anectotes taken out of the family's circle for the occasion.

Click on the below image to download the flyer
Exhibition's caltalog (60 pages) exclusively available at the Daubigny's Studio-House. 6 Euros.

Catalog of the exhibition "Van Gogh and Daubigny" organised in 2023 by la MaisonAtelier de Daubigny, in AuverssurOise. 

The goal of this exhibition was to show how Vincent van Gogh quoted Charles François DAUBIGNY in his letters to his brother Theo, and to his friends. 

This catalog is containing a print of all the documents exposed, plus few other ones.

Both English and French inside.

Exhibition : From studios to landscapes
from May to end of October
In line with this year's cultural season theme at Auvers: "The 150 years of Impressionism"  we are delighted to present an exhibition showing the evolution of the artists' studios.

It shows the evolution of these places of artistic creation, from in studio to the outdoors, through documents related to Charles François Daubigny, his friends and other artists. Lithographs by Daumier, a famous caricaturist and very close friend of Daubigny and Corot, add a humorous touch to this exhibition.

Charles François Daubigny was fervently devoted to outdoor painting; he enjoyed painting en plein air in order to depict landscapes directly on the final canvas or wood plates.

He invented the boat-studio, a very effective way to position himself at key locations and capture nature from various angles. Thanks to a cabin, he was able to leave his studio and paint en plein air for several days at a time. 

Several years later, Monet took up the idea, but did not navigate as much.

Click on the below image to download the flyer
Exhibition's caltalog (design ongoing) exclusively available at the Daubigny's Studio-House.

This catalog is containing a print of all the documents exposed, plus few other ones.

Both English and French inside.

Over: Works exhibition from one or more artists (ongoing selection)
June 3rd and 4th '23
During the two days of Meet in the Gardens international event, and maybe later on for the Open Gardens event, come and visit Daubigny's Garden and discover works from José Keravis.

Présentation of the artist: (Source:
Graduated from the prestigious Boulle school, then an accomplished metalworker, José Keravis uses his know-how and his many experiences as a visual artist. An atypical creator, with amazing humility, he exhibited internationally from the 90s from his studio in Saint-Ouen-l'Aumône, a true cave of treasures. 
Paintings, erratic sculptures or short_lived installations, drawings, metal machines ... In his daily scribbled notebooks, we find his material for thinking, at the very origin of his creative process. Emotions and sensations projected into the work of the material resonate in his meaningful works.

Web site of the artist :

Ask the reception should you be intersted in acquiring some works. Selling profit is entirely for the artist's benefit.

Big game-contest "Patrimoines en Poésie" 2023. 8th season
September - December 2023
Game-contest dedicated to childred from 8 to 12

Kick-off  One saturday in September (not yet determined)

Come visit the Painter Charles François Daubigny's Studio-House and get inspiration from its decoration to build your poem (Exclusively in French) !
Many rooms can be source of inspiration for you to create a wonderful poem.

Game-contest "Patrimoines en poésie" from September to December 2023, organized by the Île-de-France region and the Drac Île-de-France.

Contest Kit soon available at the Studio-House
Dowload documents from the official web site (2022 data)
Bulletin d'inscription cadre familial
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7 astuces pour écrire ton poème
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Règlement du jeu-concours
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