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The Botin

First Boat-Studio of Charles François Daubigny
The Botin has been imaginated and created by Charles François Daubigny from an existing boat. His goal was to be able to paint closer to the nature. 
In 2017 we commemorated the 160th anniversary of it's launch, in 1857.

House from the garden
The scale model ot the Botin, first boat-studio of Charles François Daubigny, byt Daniel Raskin-Daubigny
The rebuild
In 2016, this was decided by the Auvers-sur-Oise town council to study the possibility to rebuild the Botin. 
This project was dear to Daniel Raskin (1926-2008), descendant of Charles Fançois Daubigny. 
He started to work on it, more than 10 years ago. He did several researches, created the plans and made a scale model of the boat-studio. (exposed at the Studio-House)

For this project, Daniel Raskin's family has agreed to give these plans as a contribution.

Marc Ronet
, naval achitect who has been involved with the famous Hermione project, has turned the scale model plans into a real boat that can safely welcome several people onboard.

The Botin's hull has been built by Motiv'action, a school close to Saint Nazaire, in france France. Link to their blog

The cabin and boat finishing have been realized by volunteers people from Auvers-sur-Oise, and the project realization has been headed by the Sequana association.

Several partners were also involoved in this ambitious project:
  - The Val d'Oise Départemental Council
  - The Ile-de-France Region
  - The Lacroix Coaches
  - The Monti & fils paint enterprise
  - The Menuiserie Saint-Antoine company
  - The Leroux company

Thanks to all the people involved for their contribution.

La Chambre de Cécile - CFD
The Botin - rebuilt